Tools Used in Development

Articulate Storyline for e-learning modules Zoom for virtual workshops Microsoft Teams for ongoing mentorship

Background and Problem Context

The Leadership Development Program was initiated to address a critical gap in leadership skills among mid-level managers at ABC Enterprises. The HR department identified that while these managers were proficient in their technical roles, they lacked essential leadership skills like conflict resolution and team management.

Executive Summary

The Leadership Development Program is a comprehensive training initiative designed to enhance the leadership skills of mid-level managers. The program combines e-learning modules, in-person workshops, and ongoing mentorship over a period of three months. The program was successfully implemented for a pilot group of 25 managers, resulting in significant improvements in leadership skills and team engagement.

Solution Journey

The need for a multi-faceted, long-term program was evident. Criteria included effectiveness, scalability, and measurability, with constraints such as time commitment from busy managers and budget limitations. Several formats, like standalone e-learning courses and external seminars, were considered but rejected due to these constraints. The final solution was a blended program combining e-learning, in-person workshops, and mentorship. This choice was influenced by the need for both theoretical knowledge and practical application, supported by ongoing mentorship for sustained development. The ADDIE model guided the design and development process. Articulate Storyline was used for e-learning modules, Zoom for virtual workshops, and Microsoft Teams for mentorship. Challenges during implementation included scheduling conflicts and technology adoption rates among older managers. These were overcome by offering multiple time slots for workshops and providing additional tech training.