This workshop aims to empower professional women by equipping them with mindfulness techniques and emotional intelligence skills. The workshop is designed using Instructional Design principles and learning theory to ensure effective knowledge transfer and skill development.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to: Explain the concept of mindfulness and its psychological and Buddhist roots Practice mindfulness techniques like attention, acceptance, and scanning Identify and manage emotional states for high performance Recognize and counter cognitive distortions Apply mindfulness in customer service and leadership roles


The primary challenge was to create a curriculum that would be universally applicable and engaging for a diverse audience. The workshop also aimed to provide actionable skills that participants could immediately apply in their professional lives.


The workshop was designed using a learner-centered approach, incorporating various learning styles and interactive elements. A pre-assessment was conducted to tailor the content to meet the participants' needs. Each module included clearly stated learning objectives, interactive activities, and review questions to reinforce learning.


The workshop successfully met its objectives, providing a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. The high levels of participant engagement and positive feedback indicate the effectiveness of the Instructional Design principles employed. The workshop serves as a strong addition to the portfolio, showcasing the ability to design and execute high-impact learning experiences.