About Shannon

Shannon D. Smith -  Work-Life Integration Consultant & Premium Ghostwriter

Blending over a decade of experience in instructional design, training, and customer service with my personal journey as a working mom and author, I bring a unique perspective to my work.

My path through various roles, coupled with my academic studies in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, has equipped me with insights to help you navigate the complexities of
work-life integration.

Discover more about my journey, my passion, and how I can help you and your organization thrive.

The Journey
As a mother of four, I've always been curious about the idea of balancing work and family life.

When I landed my first work-from-home job back in 2009, it felt like a dream come true. At that time, I didn't know anyone who worked remotely. It was a surreal experience.

That moment ignited a spark within me, pushing me to continue exploring other possibilities of aligning my career with my responsibilities as a mother. The journey was far from smooth, filled with both highs and lows.
The Pivot
Realizing that customer service was no longer fulfilling, I began a journey of self-discovery. Through self-assessment, I uncovered my strengths, leading me to a rewarding career in Instructional Design.

Transitioning careers wasn't easy, but it was worth the effort. Not only did I find a career that resonated with my skills and passions, but I also significantly increased my income, proving that change, while daunting, can lead to remarkable rewards.

The Work Continues...
My journey doesn't stop there. Every day, I learn, grow, and apply my experiences to help others find their unique path to integrate work and well-being so they can thrive personally and professionally.

Through my work, I aim to empower professionals and organizations to create harmonious work environments and cultivate a culture where work-life integration is not just an ideal, but a practiced reality.