I'll never forget the days of my first job as a mortgage file clerk.

Being cramped in that dimly-lit file room, surrounded by towering stacks of documents, feeling utterly lost.

It was 1999, and there I was, fresh out of high school, in a job that felt worlds away from my dreams of becoming a psychologist.

My desk was a cluttered mess of papers and sticky notes, a stark contrast to the tidy, organized life I yearned for.

Emotionally, I was a mix of hopeful naivety and deep-seated insecurity – unsure of my place in the world but determined to find it.

I remember daydreaming of a life where my work and personal passions were the same. I wanted more than to pay the bills; I craved a career that brought me joy and a satisfying personal life.

I longed for a life where my job was not just a job, but a part of a satisfying and integrated experience.

I believed that if I could achieve that longing, it would bring me happiness, success, and a sense of completeness.

Each step of my career, from those initial admin roles to the challenging yet fulfilling world of instructional design, taught me valuable lessons.

I discovered that success wasn't just about working hard; it was about working smart.

When I decided to shift from call center customer service to instructional design, I had a pivotal realization. It's not always about the resources you have but how resourceful you can be.

While juggling my call center job:

  • I devoured every piece of information about my new field of interest,
  • Interviewed instructional designers at my call center
  • Participated in internships, and
  • networked relentlessly – all while managing my job and family responsibilities.

By 2020, I was ready for a new challenge. I accepted a Senior Trainer that involved Instructional Design and facilitation duties.

And now, in pursuing a master's in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, I'm adding another layer to my expertise.

The best part?

I've managed to do all this without breaking the energy bank or sacrificing my personal life.

I'm here to show you that thriving in both your professional and personal life is more than possible – with the right mindset and strategies that I've honed and tested in the trenches of harmonizing work and life.

So, stay tuned for my upcoming articles where I'll dive into real, actionable strategies that cost nothing but can mean everything in achieving work-life harmony.